KiroPlast a company founded in January 2013, with the aim of producing goods to satisfy our customers as much as possible, our products respect the environment and the laws related to it.
The name and logo of our company, inspired by our mascot of our house Kiro dog.
KiroPlast specializes in the production of plastics in specific clothing hangers.
From the simple plastic hanger to the flocking coating, it is also possible to personalize the hanger with its own company logo.

Our products are reproduced with high quality raw material; ie PS (polystyrene) material it is a thermoplastic aromatic polymer with a linear structure. At room temperature it is a glassy solid, above its glass transition temperature, about 100 ° C, it acquires plasticity and is able to flow; begins to decompose at the temperature of 270 ° C.
The expanded polystyrene comes in the form of very light white foam, often molded into balls or chips, and is used for packaging and insulation.

Kiroplast is constantly evolving. proposing its products not only to the Italian market but also to the foreign market.


A company vision that wants to act with decision and efficiency within a particularly aligned area, but full of small and large manufacturing companies, which exploits its enthusiasm and expertise in its sector accepting the risks and difficulties that are encountered every day.

Kiroplast has always distinguished itself for its renamed production level, but also for its entrepreneurial professionalism and a high sense of corporate ethics.

A company organized in a simple way, with well-defined roles and areas of responsibility, but equipped with systems, equipment and devices equipped with the latest advanced technology.

And this last feature that will define its positioning on the market with an innovative brand in functionality, not because of the range and variety of the offer but fundamentally for the quality of management and distribution of products.

The company from May 2017 after receiving many satisfactions in the national market, the kiroplast has landed on the E-commerce world, obtaining exceptional results expanding its boundaries here, moreover the KIROPLAST is aiming to expand its sales on international markets INTERNATIONAL EXPORT.



Kiroplast is under development.

The company's production cycle involves the acquisition of raw materials and the transformation of these products into finished products.

However, the materials used require special melting and processing processes to guarantee the customer a product with an elegant design, respecting the quality and above all the "made in Italy" target.